-Any size you need

Rebound ring

-Any size you need

Wear Pads for ram block and guide claws

Brass sheets for upper slide

SISU 500A 10tn Winch Motor

Sisu 500A and 30A Winch brake accessories

-Brake cylinders

-Brake bands

Piling Cylinders

-Suits Junttan/PVE

Piston rods for piling cylinders(Junttan/PVE)

-Any size

Lifting Eyes for Piling cylinder

-Very strong, no breaking bolts.

Drive caps

-Any sizes

Drive cap housings

-Any different styles and sizes

Hydraulic accumulators and bladders

Solenoid valves for piling cylinder and machine

Piling automatic for junttan

Control box for power pack

Proximity switches and wires for machines

Wire contactors for machines

Piling sensors and wires

Filters for machines

Lifting brackets and pins(Junttan/PVE)

Shock absorber set for lifting bracket/top plate

Bearings and bushing for machines

Frame extension and ram block reduction sets

guide claws and pins

Ram block bolts and nuts

Relays for machine and piling automatic

Pressure sensors

Cable for inclinometers

wedges for wire cables

Guide for track chain

Pile guides

-any kind you need

Cat head

-Different kind of cat head


Slewing rings

What ever you need in your machine do not hesitate to contact us!

We also may have affordable second hand parts for you!