Welcome to our websites

Arctic Piling company is founded in 2016 to serve piling business needs world wide with customer friendly prices.

We have more than 30 years experience in the piling business.

Our facilities and services are located in Kotka southern Finland near harbour.

What we offer

-Spare parts(Junttan,Banut,PVE), we have wide range of new and used spare parts for piling machines do not hesitate to ask our offer (cushions, rebound rings, plastics, solenoid valves, lifting eyes/brackets, sensors, seals, piston rods, drive caps, etc...)

-Machines, we find machine that you need or overhaule and modify your own to serve your needs better.

-Piling hammers.

-Technicall support.

-Service and maintenance.

What ever you need in your piling business!!